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Select FAJ as your one-stop shop for high-quality Baumatic home and business equipment. Our variety of Baumatic appliances, which are renowned for their reliability and dependability, demonstrates our dedication to quality and service. Long-lasting appliances are made by Baumatic Dubai. Baumatic UAE is robust, long-lasting, and has fascinating characteristics. Baumatic is a fantastic washing machine if you need one. It is simple to use and thoroughly cleaned. They also feature a washer and dryer, which is advantageous since it saves room by washing and drying clothes in one unit. The coffee maker from Baumatic Company is fantastic if you enjoy good coffee. It looks good in your kitchen and makes delicious coffee. 

Enjoy Baumatic washer dryer at FAJ

This multipurpose appliance ensures effective and space-saving solutions for your home or place of work by combining the washing and drying operations into one unit. With its cutting-edge technology and intuitive features, the Baumatic integrated washer dryer simplifies laundry chores. Enjoy the seamless performance of this necessary equipment and the convenience of modern living, all supported by our knowledgeable service and support team at our store. Our washer-dryer provides a space-saving and effective laundry solution by combining the washing and drying processes into one unit. The appliance offers flexible usage with a range of wash programs to accommodate various fabric kinds and laundry requirements. Some of the other appliances provided by us are as follows:

  • baumatic std6 2ss
  • baumatic 60cm chimney hood
  • baumatic cooker hood
  • baumatic rangehood
  • baumatic telescopic cooker hood


Why choose us for Baumatic washing machine

Our selection of modern models combines exceptional cleaning capabilities with energy efficiency. Put your faith in meticulous engineering to take care of your clothing in a delicate yet efficient manner. Savor the simplicity of personalized wash cycles and cutting-edge features of our baumatic tumble dryer that meet your specific laundry requirements. Your garments will come out perfectly clean thanks to the superior cleaning results produced by washing machines. These machines deliver strong performance while being conscious of energy consumption because they were designed with energy efficiency in mind. Wash cycles can be customized by users to suit their tastes, giving them flexibility in how they handle various kinds of laundry loads. We’re proud to provide solutions that make everyday living easier in addition to appliances.

Reliable baumatic built in coffee machine

With this appliance, you can turn your kitchen into a heaven for coffee lovers. From the comfort of your home or place of business, indulge in the rich aroma and flavors of barista-quality coffee. This gadget elevates your environment with its stylish yet functional combination of looks and utility. With the most recent advancements in coffee-making technology, we guarantee a satisfying brewing experience every time. You can rely on us to sell you appliances since we are committed to providing the best possible products and customer service. For an effortless fusion of convenience and quality throughout your appliance journey, go with an exclusive store. We also provide the following appliances:

  • baumatic cooker
  • baumatic induction cooktop
  • baumatic bdi631
  • baumatic dishwasher
  • baumatic bdw13
  • baumatic cooktop
  • baumatic electric cooktop
  • baumatic gas cooker
  • baumatic hob
  • baumatic range cooker
  • baumatic fridge


Now available: Baumatic microwave

The baumatic microwave with grill created with both creativity and functionality in mind, is going to take cooking to whole new levels. With the innovative technology of the baumatic combination microwave oven, you can cook quickly and effectively and create mouthwatering meals in no time. Large dishes fit perfectly in this microwave’s capacious bowl, which makes it great for both regular cooking and entertaining. With the baumatic microwave oven, you can customize your culinary experience with a range of cooking options, whether you’re heating food from scratch or defrosting it. The sleek and contemporary design of baumatic electric oven enhances the visual appeal of your kitchen and goes well with any style or decor. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What distinguishes FAJ washer dryers from others?

Our washer-dryers are renowned for their compact designs that enable them to combine drying and washing tasks into a single device. 

  • How energy-efficient are washing machines?

Washing machines are made with energy efficiency in mind. They offer effective cleaning capabilities while using the least amount of electricity.

  • Can I alter the wash cycles on my washer?

Laundry machines have programmable wash cycles to accommodate various fabric kinds and satisfy a range of laundry requirements.

  • What distinguishes built-in coffee makers made by Baumatic?

You may have barista-caliber coffee in your house or place of work with a built-in coffee maker. They improve the whole coffee brewing experience because they are not only fashionable but also simple to use.

  • Do appliances have controls that are easy to use?

All appliances have user-friendly controls that make them simple to operate for consumers of all skill levels. These include coffee makers, washer dryers, and washing machines.

  • How does the space-saving washer dryer work?

A combination washer and dryer, Our product removes the need for a separate laundry machine and dryer. This cleverly designed layout is perfect for homes with small laundry rooms.

  • What is the lifespan and durability of your appliances?

We indeed have a reputation for making enduring appliances. Their dedication to excellence guarantees that their items work consistently and dependably over time.