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Best Online Supplier Janitza Energy Power Quality Analyzer

Janitza a German enterprise was founded in 1961 and is since almost 63 years in the field of development and production of systems for efficient usage of electricity, energy measurement and cost reduction. Energy power quality analyzer

Janitza Electronics GmbH is nowadays globally well known as the supplier of smart energy management systems, energy measurement devices, power analyzers, digital panel mounted multimeters, power factor controllers, and power quality solutions, such as PFC-systems and harmonic filters. Tremendous experience gained over decades and countless of power quality-, power management – and load management – solutions supplied during this period all around the world to top class are speaking for themselves.

Advantages of an Energy Management System (EPMS)

Fulfillment of legal directives
Energy power quality analyzer
Transparency of energy consumption in each department, building etc.
Increasing the security of the power supply
Environment protection, image cultivation (Ecological Footprint)
Using an optimized energy mix, optimization of energy contracts
Awareness of employees concerning energy efficiency and climate protection
Identify energy wasting
Cost center management: usage-related allocation and billing of energy costs
Realizing and removing significant changes quickly by continuous monitoring

Janitza Energy Measurement Technology. Made in Germany

A Janitza energy meter offers a solution if you want to monitor your power quality on a sample basis or on a constant basis. With the knowledge and experience of fortop, the products of Janitza and the software of fortop projects, we offer both standard and customized solutions for energy control issues.

Energy Power Quality Analyzer Meters & Controllers

UMG 604-PRO: Multifunction measurement device, transients recorder, meter (kWh, kvarh), peak load optimisation, harmonics analyser, PLC, state monitoring, event plotter, data logger.

UMG 96-PA: Energy management, power quality monitoring, RCM monitoring, MID. The energy measurement device UMG 96-PA combines four functions in one device and can be modularly expanded.

UMG 512-PRO: Class A power quality monitoring device, user friendly colour graphics display and integrated Webserver, comprehensive communication possibilities like Ethernet or BACnet, pre-installed Apps for smart functional extensions.

UMG 512 PRO 95V 240V AC UL: Fortop Power Quality Analyzer Janitza
The UMG 512-PRO is a class A certified power quality analyzer per IEC 61000-4-30. Power quality parameters such as harmonics up to the 63rd harmonic, flicker, short-term interruptions, etc., are measured with class A. Certified measurement processes with high accuracy of measurement are applied to check the power quality according to EN 50160 at the PCC as well as in the internal supply network according to EN 61000-2-4.