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Air Cooler UAE:

A) Operating conditions:
1- Temperature: 18C to 45C; Water Temperature: < 45C.
2- The power supply must not exceed the required voltage (+/-) of 5%
3- The air supply must be largely free of dust or extra cleaning is required.

B) Protect the power cable from vehicle or foot traffic. Connection to incorrect electric voltage, or
faulty installation, will cause danger of electric shock.

C) If the product malfunctions at startup, please disconnect from electric power immediately and
refer to the dealer for service.

D) Other tips for cooler use:
1- Keep doors and windows open to allow fresh air to enter, and treated air to exit, when the cooler is
2- Flashing red light on the control panel means the water level in the reservoir is low.
3- Rinse the reservoir with fresh water and clean it prior to use after a period where the cooler has not
been in operation.
4- Take care when moving the cooler, especially when it is full of water. Pushing too hard will cause the
cooler to overbalance and tip over, which may cause injury and will damage the cooler.
5-To prevent the buildup of algae and other biological organisms in the reservoir, regularly add
chlorine/bromine tablets manufacturer’s recommendation for evaporative cooler reservoirs